Public Information Meeting

A Public Information Meeting was held on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at the Parrish Community High School Auditorium located at 7505 Fort Hamer Road in Parrish FL. The purpose of the meeting was to provide the public with an opportunity to learn more about the proposed improvements to Moccasin Wallow Road from U.S. 41 to U.S. 301. Materials displayed at the meeting for each project segment are included below under the Documents section.


Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Moccasin Wallow Road is an important east-west connection and evacuation route for the rapidly growing North County area. In addition, Moccasin Wallow Road provides an important economic function and benefit by connecting SeaPort Manatee to the state roadway transportation network.

The Moccasin Wallow Road widening project consists of four (4) segments totaling 6.5 miles of roadway between U.S. 41 and U.S. 301. The current project will add two lanes to Moccasin Wallow Road but is being designed so that additional lanes can be constructed when needed to accommodate future development.

The first, or interim, phase of the project will widen Moccasin Wallow Road from 2-lanes to 4-lanes (2 in each direction). The final, or ultimate, phase of the project will widen Moccasin Wallow Road from 4-lanes to 6-lanes (3 in each direction). The project will also replace the current intersection at Moccasin Wallow Road and U.S. 301 with a roundabout for more efficient traffic flow and improved safety.

  • Segment 1 – $7.2M will be provided from the State Funded Grant Agreement while the remainder will come from Manatee County’s Infrastructure Sales Tax.
  • Segments 2 & 3 – $7.2M will be provided from the State Funded Grant Agreement while the remainder will come from Manatee County impact fees.
  • Segment 4 (Gateway) – will be entirely funded by Manatee County Infrastructure Sales Tax and impact fees.

The Moccasin Wallow Road Improvements Project is divided into 4 separate segments that are in various stages of design and construction. Segment 1 and Segment 4 began construction in the fall of 2022. Segment 2 and Segment 3 are currently in the design and permitting phase. 

Yes, the roadway east of I-75 will be widened to four lanes from I-75 to U.S. 301.

All 4 segments of this project will include roadway widening from two lanes to four lanes (two in each direction), a 12-foot-wide multi-use path, a 6-foot-wide sidewalk, and 7-foot-wide bike lanes (one in each direction).

Median openings will be provided for access to residential communities and the addition of pedestrian-activated crossings, street lighting, signalized intersections, driveway modifications, and dedicated turning lanes will improve safety and traffic operations. Roadway drainage will be improved, and stormwater run-off will be directed to new linear ponds along Moccasin Wallow Road.

Segment 1 also includes construction of a roundabout at the U.S. 301 and Moccasin Wallow Road intersection for more efficient traffic flow and improved safety.

The project limits for Segment 1 will widen Moccasin Wallow Road between U.S. 301 and 115th Street East.

The project limits for Segment 2 will widen Moccasin Wallow Road between 115th Street East and Bayside Community Church.

The project limits for Segment 3 will widen Moccasin Wallow Road between Bayside Community Church and Buffalo Road (just east of I-75).

The project limits for Segment 4 will widen Moccasin Wallow Road between Gillet Drive (just west of I-75) and U.S. 41.

The design and permitting phase for Segments 2 and 3 will take approximately 1 year to complete while land acquisition will take an additional 1 to 2 years. The construction phase for Segments 1 and 4 are estimated to take just over 1 year to complete.

The contractor for Segment 1 is Gator Grading & Paving.

The contractor for Segment 4 is Prince Contracting, LLC.

The contractors for Segment 2 and Segment 3 are still to be determined.

Segment 1 has an estimated construction cost of $28,830,308.42.

Segment 2 has an estimated construction cost of $18,086,724.00.

Segment 3 has an estimated construction cost of $35,492,735.00. 

Segment 4 has an estimated construction cost of $49,472,101.80.

Yes. Each segment will have newly signalized intersections included as part of the project design.

The proposed speed limit once the project is complete will be 45 mph throughout most of the Moccasin Wallow Road corridor. However, the first quarter mile from U.S. 41 east will be posted at 40 mph. 

Construction activities will primarily occur between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, while some night-time operations may be performed from time to time to minimize interruptions to traffic.

There will be overlapping tasks occurring simultaneously throughout the project corridors to optimize the utilization of personnel and resources where possible. 

Access to neighborhood entrances and driveways will be maintained throughout the duration of the construction project.  Brief, partial closures may be necessary and would be scheduled to occur during periods of low traffic to minimize the disruption of traffic.

The contractor, in coordination with the County, will utilize FDOT Maintenance of Traffic design plans and specifications to manage and reduce construction-related traffic impacts.

While no water service interruptions are scheduled or anticipated, residents and businesses will be notified in advance of construction activities that may temporarily affect their water supply.

The contractor will make every effort to maintain access to mailboxes throughout the duration of the construction project. If you are experiencing issues with mail delivery, please contact the project hotline at 941-417-8375 or [email protected] for assistance.

The contractor will make every effort to avoid impacts to garbage and recycling operations throughout the duration of the construction project. If you are experiencing issues with garbage or recycling pick-up, please contact the project hotline at 941-417-8375 or [email protected] for assistance.

The contractor will make every effort to avoid impacts to school bus stop locations within the project limits throughout the duration of the construction project. If you are experiencing construction-related issues with school bus drop off locations, please contact the project hotline at 941-417-8375 or [email protected] for assistance. You may also contact The School District of Manatee County at (941) 708-8770 to report a transportation issue.

The County held a public information meeting to inform property owners, residents, businesses, and other interested parties about proposed improvements on Moccasin Wallow Roads for each project segment. During construction, notifications of planned activities and associated impacts will be provided through different distribution methods which may include email, direct mail, message boards, and/or in-person notification(s). Updated project information is also available on the project website at 

You can receive updates on the project website This page will be regularly updated with project information. You can also call the project hotline at 941-417-8375 or email the community outreach team at [email protected].

Any project-related questions or concerns may be directed to the project hotline at 941-213-1141 or [email protected]. Questions or concerns may also be submitted by completing the form located on the project website “Contact Us” page.

Any maintenance or infrastructure concerns related to Manatee County can be submitted online by visiting the Public Works Department Manatee 311 page.

Traffic lanes will be increased to 11.5 feet to 12 feet which is equal to or wider than the existing lanes.

Manatee County has no intension of changing the name of Moccasin Wallow Road as part of the project.

Manatee County is responsible for all drainage routed through the County’s right-of-way and easements. Private developers are responsible for drainage within their property.

The Moccasin Wallow Road corridor must be uniformly expanded from the current 2-lane roadway to the 4-lane interim configuration due to increased traffic capacity and the need for additional traffic signalization. This will also be necessary when the ultimate 6-lane configuration is required due to continuous growth within the area.

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